The site of this house belonged, from time immemorial, to the Abbey Benedictine of women:
" The St Laurent convent ".
The revolution caused the sale of the grounds and the creation of the street Voltaire (called "Fraternité" in this time).
Garden, until 1872, this place was created by the owner of the house, founder of the Museum of Bourges and the curator of which, he was for almost 50 years. As professor of drawing to the Royal School of Bourges, he put all his artistic sense into the decoration of his property.

The architect of the house, of Italian origin, Director of the School of the Beautiful Arts, these two talents creating the originality of the house in the the style of Napoleon III. The theatre in front of the house, built at the same time, is always present in its original facing and adds to the natural charm of the setting.


Between both, a garden and a terrace, allow you to have breakfast or just to sit in peace and quiet.

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